TronVault is a Tron Investment Platform that has a well designed structure with a well secured system that gives a daily ROI for every Investor on the platform without any form of loss in Investment.

features of tronVault

Real Time Investment/Withdrawal

Every Investment and Withdrawal on TronVault are Real Time, Withdrawals are directed to the Investors Wallet Address in real time with no extra charges and Investments on the TronVault platform is secured without any fear of loss.

4% ROI(Return On Investment)

Every of our Investors has a daily 4% Daily Earnings of their Investment on their wallet which amounts to 28% in 7days before withdrawal is made. these earnings keeps on daily for 120days before it stops and all of the earnings is withdraw able.

120Days Investment

All Investment on the platform stops in 120days measuring a profit of 480% Return on Investment for every Investor. After that Period they can then Re-Invest on the Platform.

No Gas Fee

Gas Fee according to most Investment platforms are referred to as Withdrawal fee, which is deducted from their Investment during withdrawal, In TronVault we do not charge Investors a dine for Withdrawal

Referral Bonus

Every Referral bonus is 10% which can be withdrawn immediately by the Investor. All referral bonuses are instant with no hidden fee attached to its withdrawal.

Multiple Investment

The TronVault Platform allows multiple Investment on one Investor Account as to avoid creating numerous Investment Accounts. The Minimum Investment on the platform is 50TRX(50 TRON)
NOTE: All Investment 7days withdrawal earnings is Unlocked by a Refferal of smae Investment amount.

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